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Chiropractic Patient Results In Their Own Words

by Mark Studin DC, FASBE(C), DAAPM, DAAMLP

Over the decades, millions of patients have experienced what many call miracles, but in fact are simply the results of chiropractic care. Research is starting to catch up with the results of a healing profession that chose not to wait for science to help change the lives of those millions.

The following are a collection of letters from my personal patients, some almost 30 years old and I certify that each letter was written by one of my patients based upon their results under chiropractic care. Although I strongly support other healthcare avenues, none received nutritional therapy, physical therapy, exercise rehabilitation or any care other than chiropractic.

As I no longer actively practice, this collection is my gift to chiropractic with the hope that it will inspire others to seek chiropractic as a possible solution to improve their lives.

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But why doesn’t it stay fixed?

It seems like at least once a week a patient will say to me.. why doesn’t it stay fixed once you fix it?  Or will ask why can’t the pain stay away?  And I could give you a number of scientific reasons, but instead, let me compare you to that part of your life that we all use… your car.
Your body is in many ways like your car, it runs great when it is new but as you put the miles on it, you have to do a bit of maintenance and when things break, you have to take it to the repair shop to get it fixed. For some of you the maintenance on your car is something you can do yourself- checking your oil, putting gas in it, making sure there is air in the tires.  Compare this to your body – your home “maintenance” is eating properly, exercising, making sure you get enough sleep.  Most of the time your maintenance helps keep your body running just fine!   But like your car sometimes you need a “mechanic” to step in.  That is where the chiropractor and the chiropractic adjustment comes in.  We are the next level of care; your car’s tires get out of alignment  (especially with the lovely potholes around here), you take it to the garage and have the alignment fixed so that your tires last longer… well when your body gets out of alignment- consider a chiropractic adjustment- it could help your body last longer and in my book that’s alot more important to have last longer than your car’s tires!

I hope all of you have a wonder Memorial Day! The office will be closed for the day but will reopen on Tuesday June 1st!

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In Health,
Dr. Jen